ArtResin 8oz

ArtResin 8oz

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Epoxy Resin
Includes: 4 oz resin + 4 oz hardener + instructions

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ArtResin 8 oz epoxy resin kit.
Covers Approx. 2 Square Feet

Includes: 4 oz resin + 4 oz hardener + instructions

ArtResin has been designated by the American Society for Testing and Materials as non-toxic when used as directed (conforms to ASTM D4236). It is formulated using the highest quality materials and therefore produces no VOCs or fumes. It is a clean system, meaning there are no solvents or non-reactive diluents—everything in it reacts so nothing is free to become airborne and cause health issues. It is also non-flammable. For all these reasons, it is therefore classified as a non-hazardous material and is shippable by air. Furthermore, many curatives have a powerful odor, however ArtResin has only a low odor and is applicator friendly.

  • Is ArtResin Food Safe?
  • Yes! Once ArtResin is cured, it becomes safe for direct food contact as per FDA 21CFR175.300
  • You can check out ArtResin’s SDS for further details.
How Can I Avoid Getting Dimples In My Epoxy Resin?

Dimples can occur for 3 reasons: temperature fluctuation, micro dust particles and overtorching. To avoid getting dimples in your cured resin, make sure that the temperature in your resin room stays stable, that you use a dustcover and that you only lightly torch your resin!

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  1. April DeSylva

    Great quality resin

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