Chihuahua polka dot glasses (vinyl transfer)

Siser Stretch ( for light or dark fabrics)
Ready to press with iron or heat press

  • Size based on longest dimension from edge to edge
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Ready to press Transfer made with siser STRETCH vinyl.
CAN be applied with iron or heat press.
Includes Free transfer mask
Can be applied to both light and dark fabrics.
Applies to cotton, polyester, poly cotton blend, lycra, spandex and leather.

Sizes (based on longest dimension edge to edge)
(Adult) approx 12″
(Youth) approx. 10″
(Toddler) approx. 8″
(Infant) approx. 5″
(Pocket) approx. 4″

Heat Transfer Vinyl
– Top Quality Heat Transfer Vinyl with STRETCH
REQUIRES a transfer mask (1 free piece included with every order to get you started) It may be reused a couple of times.
– Easy weeding and transferring
– Semi-gloss finish, great for both light and dark colored fabrics
– Adheres to 100% cotton • 100% polyester • Poly/cotton blends • Lycra/Spandex Blends • Leather
– Preheat: 2-3 Seconds • Temperature: 300° F / 149° C • Pressure: Medium • Time: 15 Seconds • Peel: HOT
– Care: Do not dry clean • Machine wash WARM /mild detergent • Dry on normal setting • No chlorine bleach • Wait 24 hours before first wash

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